Self-Directed Services

The Arc partners with individuals and families who choose one of two models of self-direction through the NC Innovations waiver. Both models offer more control and authority over services, and each have varying levels of increased responsibility and accountability.

Self-Directed Services

Agency with Choice (AWC)

The Arc remains the official employer of direct support professionals (DSPs), and the individual and family will assist with: 

Developing job descriptions for DSPs;  
Recruiting, interviewing, hiring and helping to train DSPs;  
Scheduling and helping to manage DSPs; 
Developing a budget for service dollars and helping establish staff wages (within set parameters). 

Employer of Record (EOR) 

The individual would become a mini-provider of sorts and become the official employer of record for DSPs (not The Arc of NC).  The Arc provides training and mentoring for individuals and families who make this choice.  Other EOR differences include the family/individual’s responsibility to: 

Become certified to provide Medicaid-funded services, abiding by all state and federal rules and regulations; 
Recruit, hire, and train, manage all DSPs and determine wages and schedule; 
Complete all service documentation and participate in regular monitoring and auditing; 
Work with a separate company that provides financial and accounting support. 

There are similarities and distinct differences between these two models of self-direction, and The Arc provides training and education on both.   

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Self Direction:

Agency with Choice

Self Direction:

Employer of Record