First in Families

First In Families helps people with disabilities and their families to believe in their dreams, achieve their goals and give back to others. This program is offered through The Arc of NC in our East region only.

First In Families works to secure resources within the community to meet the unique needs of individuals seeking assistance.

It may be negotiating with a fence company to help fence in a yard for a child who needs to be safe in their own backyard or working with credit counseling services to help get someone back on track in managing their personal income. In some cases, First In Families can offer assistance for a variety of needs from assistive technology to assist with medical equipment.

All needs are considered and we work to establish individual relationships that work towards mutual trust and satisfactory solutions to help individuals/families achieve their long-term dreams. FIF is a catalyst for people with disabilities and their families in North Carolina to meet their self-determined needs by leveraging relationships and resources, and encouraging reciprocity in their communities.